Health & Safety Equipment

Temporary fencing supplied by ReadyFence complies with Australian health & Safety Standards and is a useful tool to keep people moving and prevent them from going in one place without thinking about where they are going next. It also keeps them safe when moving between the borders of two areas.

The fences can be used around footpaths, roads, public areas, public buildings and in parks. They can be erected with the help of professionals or DIY style. If you opt for the DIY option then it is important that you follow instructions well.

Using the footpaths is a good system to keep people moving, but it can be an eyesore. You need to ensure that you have enough support to the footpath or else the majority of the people will look down and see what they are walking on. This not only makes the environment look shabby but will make people uncomfortable.

The main aim of this is to avoid creating a dangerous situation. At times people tend to take these footpaths for granted and forget about them. However, when people stand at the footpath, their eyes will be on the ground and not on what is in front of them. It is then important that the pedestrian walks in a non-threatening manner.

At other times, footpaths can be found in busy public places where the footpath is being used by children. The adults tend to walk in a different manner than the children and this causes problems for the children. They are forced to follow adults and when the pedestrians move away, they leave their footing prone to slipping. This leads to accidents and injuries and has led to introducing this kind of fencing in public places.

There are times when there is a need to close public places due to heavy footfall. This causes people to stop walking and get stuck at traffic signals which often leads to confusion and traffic jams. In such a situation, having permanent walls around traffic signals is not enough as people tend to go through them.

The solution to this problem is to use footpaths where people can move freely. It will also help to protect the pedestrian from slipping and fall on other parts of the road as the risk will be lower than if they are using the footpaths.

The temporary fencing can be used in various ways for various reasons. It can be used for keeping people safe or keeping them moving in a way that will not cause a crowd control situation.