Side Effects And Dosage For Viagra

This drug is designed to address a complication in men termed as erectile dysfunction. Some men find this condition frustrating and could abuse the drug for quicker results. For your case, you need to be very cautious. It may lead to other terminal problems that you had not expected. You ought not to overdose. Therefore, while taking Viagra you need to comprehend the facts described below.

It could be sold at various drug outlets. The dealers there might not have adequate information about its usage and the possible outcomes. For this reason, you should consult with an experienced medical doctor.

You should at all times adhere to the prescription given by the health attendant. In case you are allergic or have chest and other cardiac complications, you would be advised to avoid using it. However, some individuals may go against this and take the drug. You might not be in a position to handle the complication thereafter.

After taking it, as any other type of medication, you will experience some side effects. A few of them are typical and would subside after a short time. However, should you experience sudden loss of vision and hearing, do not take chances, notify your attendant with an immediate effect. You are also likely to feel weak and nausea. Such effects and short-lived, but if they persist, seek medical attention.

Once you have taken the drug, it may take some time before it becomes effective especially if you take it after a meal with a lot of fat. Some people get it wrong at this time and decide to take another tablet. However, under normal circumstances, it would only take about an hour to become effective.

When taking this drug, be very cautious. If you do not stick to what the health attendant prescribed, you might get yourself in trouble. In the event you experience persistent side effects, check with your doctor.