Senior First Aid Refresher Courses

All medical personnel, from first aiders through to ambulance drivers, are required to take senior first aid refresher courses whenever their certification expires. The course can be booked in much the same way as a regular one – although the duration will often be much lesser, as the main skills involved will simply need to be covered and tested.

What are the most common senior first aid refresher courses?

There are several common courses, including Provide First Aid (PFA) which lasts for one day, an alternative which can be stretched over two days and Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). The former two courses include CPR certification and the latter simply eliminates other types of first aid techniques in favour of focusing on CPR in specific.

Watch our video on one of the aspects of first aid you will learn on our courses: What To Do When Someone Is Having A Seizure / Convulsion / Fit